10 ways to fall in reverse, Machine Learning for Bearded Hipsters Series

Disclaimer: this post is a summary of Chapter 1: Falling in Reverse, to Swim or Sink, from my upcoming book: Machine Learning For Bearded Hipsters. You can support the project here.

Happy new year, happy new projects.

The new year means new projects and new horizons to me. This year I decided to start a project related to Machine Learning, if you want to know more, keep reading!

Machine Learning for Bearded Hipsters

Machine Learning is something trendy which is used everywhere on the planet. However, the educational system around it has become archaic. After some years teaching in college, I’ve noticed how new generations of students called Millennials, X generation or bearded hipsters, which is on the top of new companies doing Machine Learning is learning in a different system.

Coffee, lovely coffee.

I’m not the supreme brain on the Machine Learning topic (and I don’t pretend to be). However, I’m tired to contemplate how many brilliant students break and quit just because they are not good at remembering formulas and definitions. Even there are a lot of books and webs about Machine Learning I wish to give my point of view on the topic from my open, spontaneous and humorous manner. For everyone, but especially for this generation of students.

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Observations around a new generation of students, and a world that is in constant change.

There is a simple reason why the orator-audience teaching system is failing around the world: it doesn’t have a purpose, it doesn’t motivate the students. Nothing is more powerful than a smart mind willing to learn, but the educational system is determined to waste all of them by inaction and abstention in the individual thinking and abilities. 

New adults like to make a social impact, to be more eco-friendly, globe trotters, etc.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the three.

People born in the 60s and 70s have a different mind about the world from current students because they lived their childhoods in a competitive scenario of willing money and power. Their parents experienced starvation and disease in a post-war period. So they educated their children to survive amongst other children, to be doctors, engineers, lawyers, judges, presidents of the nation, to be before all other children. So they did the same to their children, but this time, they didn’t find a purpose in competition but in social participation.

… but … if it did?

New adults want the money of course, but most of them not to buy a big house or an expensive car, they want to travel, they are willing to learn, to make an impact. They need to share the previous experiences in their Instagram accounts. They are extremely sensitive to fail because they grow up in a scenario of instant gratification, where the environment changed to make them succeed. As adults, they must discover how to change the environment without the advice of their parents. They must learn how to fail properly.

When I start my first classes, I like to share this video with my students to make them think about themselves and the world they want to live in.

These series pretend to be a guide on how to fail in Machine Learning and how to rise again. To acquire the knowledge from self-experience and self-doubt.

The Machine Learning for Bearded Hipsters Upcoming Posts

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Every Tuesday at 11 a.m. Pacific Time you will have a new post on this series. In each post, you will discover different issues and viewpoints of modern life, from the position of Machine Learning. Here comes the list of topics I’ve chosen for you.

1. Solving Machine Learning Problems – Falling in reverse without realizing it.
2. What affects my metabolic rate? Linear Regression version.
3. The myth of work-life balance. Coming Soon 22/01/2019. 
4. LDA is the Marie Kondo of data science. Coming Soon 29/01/2019.
5. Labels Are For Bottles, Not For People Coming Soon 05/02/2019.
6. Living without a reference. Coming Soon 12/02/2019.
7. How to measure success and prevent high hopes.  Coming Soon 19/02/2019.
8. Asking the proper questions makes you a better decision taker. Coming Soon 26/02/2019.
9. I just want my popcorn and a good movie on Netflix. Coming Soon 05/03/2019.
10. Falling over and over on the same trap. Coming Soon 12/03/2019.

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