I started writing at the age of 9 (2000). My grandad and my uncle were “Glossadors” a kind of oral improvised old farm style singers and poets. I visited the academia of “Glossadors” many times and sang with them in some festivals in “La Palmera”.

At the age 16 (2007), I became the finalist of the first writing contest I’ve ever participated. Francesc d’Albranca. I keep writing both narrative and poetry.

In 2009 started to work at Ultima Hora Menorca and Revista Ferreries as a journalist where I wrote many interviews and tech columns. I keep working there until 2014.

In 2009 I won a poetry contest with my poems book, “Memories of a blue chromosome’s summer”. In 2010 I participate in a national poetry contest in Sevilla where I finish in second place. I also wrote my first theater script which was represented in Castellón that same year.

Since there I have written many articles for many digital media. I work as a freelance in copywriting and copyediting. If you want to hire my services, contact me here.

I’m also on the edge to publish my first fiction novel.

In 2019 I’ve started a comic series about Machine Learning you can read here.