Welcome to the island! Take a sit and fill your glass with your favorite drink. Feel the sound of the waves and breath. Let’s talk about life, research and the beauty of this world. Let’s work together making great science or maybe you prefer art. Anyway, here you can find me as I use to be, a free spirit, half a mermaid, half a pirate.

My Work

I am a researcher in computer vision and a passionate about teaching. More specifically I work for Non-Rigid Structure-from-Motion. But the thing is that I don’t like to be specific. I love the open wide range minds. I love all the expressions of art, I like to paint, to draw, to play music and also to write novels an poetry. If you like to meet in the tavern down the street close to harbor please contact me. I’ll be glad to collaborate with you.


I consider myself as a crazy 28 years old Computer Scientist. Currently Ph. D. student, with top professional interests in Non-Rigid Structure-from-Motion. But personally interested in everything in general.

I like to learn everything I can, especially in languages and cultural facts. Meet new people and make new stories, some of them are part of my novels, so with me, you are exposed to become immortal. I also like to write poetry and to read, I’m a book devastator, I’ve read hundreds of thousands of books and my favorite of all of them is Ten little niggers from Agatha Christie.

I love art, and photography, I can spend a full day sitting astonished in front of a Rembrandt artwork and never get enough. I love to draw and also to paint. To play music and to try other sciences out from my comfort zone. I love the concept of uomo universale.

I love sports, I love to swim like a good mermaid, and practice yoga to keep my mind safe from Ph.D. predators, I also know how to fight like a pirate since I practice boxing. I love to run and I practice cross-fit. In general, I love all sports related to the sea.

I love animals, I am a vegan activist for different organizations like AnimaNaturalis. I have three lovely creatures of the universe: two dogs, Kimberly and Congo and a cute 86 years old land turtle, Summer. In my free time, I use to volunteer at an animal shelter.

Would you like to drop me a few lines and tell me more about you?


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Disclaimer: this post is a summary of Chapter 1: Falling in Reverse, to Swim or Sink, from my upcoming book: Machine Learning For Bearded Hipsters. You can support the project here. Happy new year, happy new projects. The new year means new projects and new horizons to me. This year I decided to start a …


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