I consider myself as a crazy 28 years old Computer Scientist. Currently Ph. D. student, with top professional interests in Non-Rigid Structure-from-Motion. But personally interested in everything in general.

I like to learn everything I can, especially in languages and cultural facts. Meet new people and make new stories, some of them are part of my novels, so with me, you are exposed to become immortal. I also like to write poetry and to read, I’m a book devastator, I’ve read hundreds of thousands of books and my favorite of all of them is Ten little niggers from Agatha Christie.

I love art, and photography, I can spend a full day sitting astonished in front of a Rembrandt artwork and never get enough. I love to draw and also to paint. To play music and to try other sciences out from my comfort zone. I love the concept of uomo universale.

I love sports, I love to swim like a good mermaid, and practice yoga to keep my mind safe from Ph.D. predators, I also know how to fight like a pirate since I practice boxing. I love to run and I practice cross-fit. In general, I love all sports related to the sea.

I love animals, I am a vegan activist for different organizations like AnimaNaturalis. I have three lovely creatures of the universe: two dogs, Kimberly and Congo and a cute 86 years old land turtle, Summer. In my free time, I use to volunteer at an animal shelter.

Would you like to drop me a few lines and tell me more about you?