A year in review 2018

The end of 2018 is nearly here (I mean I can already feel the pressure of 2019 over me). I figure this pressure is a sign to look back at the best and worst of 2018. It is an exceptional time to apply some reinforcement learning algorithms to my brain and to give all my best to the upcoming year.

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My first intercontinental solo travel

I already wrote my professional experience at ICPR 2018 in my previous post. Anyway, I would like to take it from a different perspective, from my personal grown. Since I suffered from a huge personal transformation in this travel. So be prepared, this post is gonna be long!

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My experience in ICPR 2018

Beijing and ICPR have been a very exciting and exhausting travel. It had a huge effect on me so one post will be not enough to explain how I feel now personally and professionally. So I’ll try to split my experience into two posts. This one for the professional grown and the apportion of this conference in my career. A future one with the personal experiences that have had a big and deep impact on me.

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