The Ethics of AI

Navigating the internet I found this very interesting video, which is absolutely well recorded and edited to. I hope you enjoy it. Today is finally Friyay!

The implications and promises of artificial intelligence (AI) are unimaginable. But what’s possible today will be dwarfed by the great potential of AI in the near future. The responsibility to raise these questions does not rest solely on the shoulders of journalists and leading technology companies. Rather, it’s the responsibility of all engaged citizens.

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  2. During October 2017, police in Israel arrested a Palestinian worker who had posted a photo of himself on FB posing by a bulldozer with the caption “attack them” in Hebrew. The thing is that the Arabic for “good morning” and “attack them” are quite similar, and FB’s automatic translation software picked the wrong one. The man was interrogated for several hours before someone spotted the mistake. FB was quick to apologize but not sure if they fixed the problem to prevent more likely mistakes.

    1. This is really sad Tom, haven’t heard before… I feel desolated as a scientist and researcher that these things still happening in the 21st century. The worst part is that it seems the tendency is rising not decreasing. Money is always in front of humanity and empathy.

      Have a nice day and thank you for reading and spend some time sharing this fact with us.

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